If you own one these latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones there could be major problem

If you own one these latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones there could be major problem

A US-based security firm claims to have found a major flaw in some of Samsung’sbest selling smartphones.

NowSecure says that over 600million devices could be vulnerable to attack including the Galaxy S6, S5 and S4. According to the company the issues are due to the default Samsung keyboard, which is powered by the predictive technology developed by popular appSwiftkey. The Samsung vulnerability allows attackers to remotely access your smartphone’s features including GPS, camera, and microphone.

And it can even allow them to secretly install malicious apps without the user knowing. Even more scary is that once targeted, hackers can view your messages and listen in on phone calls.

NowSecure say they spotted the flaw last year and reported it to Samsung.

It’s thought that Samsung started providing a patch to mobile network operators in early 2015 although it’s unclear if users where told of the issues.

In the meantime NowSecure has given Samsung users advice including avoiding Wi-Fi networks that aren’t secure. The makers of the Swiftkey keyboard say the Samsung Galaxy keyboard issue does not affect the firms’ standalone apps on Android and iOS.

Speaking to Android police, SwiftKey said: “We’ve seen reports of a security issue related to the Samsung keyboard. We can confirm that the SwiftKey Keyboard apps available via Google Play or the Apple App Store are not affected by this vulnerability.

“We take reports of this manner very seriously and are currently investigating further.”

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