Husband forces wife to drink acid

Husband forces wife to drink acid

New Delhi, INDIA: A man in an urge to meet to his extra marital affair on Sunday tried to eliminate his own wife by forcing her to drink acid.

The accused had married 30 –year-old victim in 2004. In their 10-years of marriage they had two kids. Couple used to reside in Sundar Nagri area of Delhi.

Six months back, his wife came across the fact that her husband was having an extra marital affair.

Knowing this, the lady had a heated argument with her husband and soon after went to stay with her parents. She also filed a complaint against her husband in Nand Nagri police station.

Four months back after women cell of the police station intervention, both husband and wife reunited.

Victim came back to her in-laws house. In fact, the husband even apologized for his acts.