‘Holiday’ is an intelligent thriller: Akshay Kumar

‘Holiday’ is an intelligent thriller: Akshay Kumar

Khiladi Akshay Kumar has exclaimed that his upcoming movie `Holiday` is not an ordinary thriller and has a lot more to offer.

“It is a must watch film because it educates you about real terrorism. The director, he has learnt a lot about it and hence educates you about it. He has got lots of real incidents and got them together in the film. So I would say it is a very intelligent thriller,” he added.

Talking about the plot of the film the superstar said, “I am playing an Army officer, who comes for a holiday and realises that the city in which he is staying has some kind of terrorism going on. I try to save the people with some of my army colleagues.”

Murugadoss is the man behind the superhit film `Ghajini` and with `Holiday` he brings together Sonakshi and Akshay together in lead roles. It is slated to release on June 6.

Known for leading a disciplined life, Akshay, who is 46, added that there is always room for a break if people plan their life properly.

“I plan in a right way… Like for instance I do three to films in a year but I still have six to seven holidays every year and people ask me how do I do that? I never work on Sundays. I take six-seven times holidays,” Akshay said.

“Every holiday consists of six-seven days. There is an annual holiday of a month. If you divide and work on it, if you actually sit with your calender, you can actually manage time. It is not a hard job,” he advised.

Akshay is known for his fitness and leads a very disciplined life. Kumar is trained in martial arts and has established himself as the pioneer in using his skills in his movies.

Having worked in all genres of Indian cinema, `Holiday` is the third time Akshay has taken the role of a soldier, after 1993 film `Sainik` and `Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo` in 2004.

Akshay admits that this might be the most realistic of all his previous roles.

“This (Holiday) is more real. Those was a little bit over the top,” he said.

Even though he does mainstream as well as offbeat movies like `Special 25` he has been criticised for taking similar roles.

” I am used to that kind of perception. For me this film (Holiday) is not a masala film which I do commercially like a `Boss`. Once they see it they will realise it. For me if I do a film like `Special 26` or `OMG ? Oh My God!`, at the same time I do my commercial cinema,” he said.

“I keep shifting my gears and which I have been doing all my life. Despite taking so many holidays I have so much time what can I do. Already I have three films completed,” he added.