History Of Civilian Planes Being Shot Down

The loss of the passenger jet in Ukraine is the second disaster for Malaysia Airlines this year.

History Of Civilian Planes Being Shot Down

Flight MH370 went missing in March with 239 passengers and crew on board on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. And now flight MH17 carrying 298 people has reportedly been shot down in eastern Ukraine. It would not the first time a passenger plane has been lost to military action.

In 2001, Ukraine admitted its forces were probably responsible for shooting down a Russian airliner that crashed into the Black Sea, killing all 78 people on board.

A senior Ukrainian official said at the time it was likely to have been brought down by accident during a rocket-firing exercise.

In 1983, a Soviet jet fighter shot down a South Korean airliner after it veered off course into Russian air space and failed to respond to attempts to make contact. All 269 passengers and crew were killed.

In 1988, the US warship Vincennes shot down an Iranian airliner over the Gulf, killing all 290 passengers and crew, in what America said was an accident after crew mistook the plane for a fighter. Tehran branded it a deliberate attack.