Heroic dad saves son from Cheetah

Heroic dad saves son from Cheetah

A 14-year-old New Zealand boy was saved by his father after being attacked by a Cheetah at a South African safari park while on holiday with his family. Isaac Driver, from Christchurch, was touring Emdoneni Lodge in Zululand KwaZulu-Natal province, Eastern South Africa, with his family when the cheetah ran toward him and knocked him to the ground.

It came after Isaac and 20 other people on the trip were told by a park employee that they were allowed to pet two cheetahs that were believed to be friendly. Isaac’s father, David, saw one of the cheetahs lunge toward his son, and grabbed the large cat, pulled it off of his son and held it to the ground until park workers could contain the cat.

Source : PTI

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