Help these 2 parents to save their child

Help these 2 parents to save their child

This is about Pasandi. She is a 12 year old little girl who lives in Sri Lanka. Addteq and the Iris Foundation knows Pasandi through one of our beloved colleagues. He came to us in an effort to get help for his niece. There is a deadline for the funds which is January 10th. Here is her story:

Pasandi got diagnosed with Thalassemia when she was only 6 months old and she has gone through a blood transfusion every month since. According to doctors this can only keep her alive until about 14 years of age.

A Bone marrow transplant from a matching donor is the only hopeful way to cure this. Her parents Ganga and Senarath, spent all their money for her treatments since the day she was diagnosed. They’ve been searching for a matching donor all over the world. Unfortunately, even Pasandi’s own brother’s bone marrow didn’t match for her. All the efforts in searching for a donor in international registries didn’t succeed for 12 years.

Ganga is a school teacher. Senarath had a good job in the apparel industry. Senarath couldn’t save his job with all these challenges he had to deal with. Now he is working in a small hardware shop to manage for their day to day expenses.

A few days ago, Senarath & Ganga got a call from Nawaloka hospital. They informed them that there is a matching donor in the registry. So now, there is hope for saving their little daughters life.

Now, they need to act fast to secure this donor. They need to do the surgery within 2 months time and it will cost them around 5,800,000.00 LKR. ($45,000) Unfortunately, they don’t have that much money left due to all of the struggling they went through, the past 12 years.

If you are parent, I’m sure you know how helpless we feel when your son or daughter is sick. So it’s hard to even imagine what a parent will go through when they figure out that they have small chance of saving their child from death but they don’t have money and time to do it.

So Ganga and Senarath are pleading for help from every one they know to collect this amount of money.

Let’s donate whatever we can to help these 2 parents to save their child. We will be able to give a hope for little Pasandi to live.

The Iris Foundation, founded by Addteq, is the sole foundation helping with this matter in the United States.