Happiness isn’t about appearance

Happiness isn’t about appearance

Dong Zhijun, who stands 2ft 6in tall, and his wife Yuan Wanyu, who is a burns victim, prove that when it comes to love, appearance isn’t everything.

The pair, who live in Anshan city in northern China’s Liaoning Province, said mutual understanding and unconditional support are the keys to a happy marriage, reported the People’s Daily Online.

According to the report, Dong, a 29-year-old online businessman, was born with rickets.

The condition, which affects bone development, hampered the growth of Dong’s limbs when he was little, leading him to stand less than three feet tall.

The man suffered from poor health in his early years and spent most of his childhood and teenage years in bed because he was prone to bone fractures.

He had been recruited as an IT clerk by an information services company, according to a report on Xinhua News Agency.

Dong now works as a broadcaster on a live-stream platform, which has earned him around 150,000 followers. The man also runs an online store.

The internet has not only given Dong a career but also brought him true love. Dong and his wife, Yuan Wanyu, 27, met each other seven years ago through an online job marketplace devoted to disabled people.

Yuan is originally from Zhaoqing city in southern China’s Guangdong Province.

She was severely burned in an accident when he was one year old.

Yuan’s face was disfigured and she lost all fingers on her left hand as a result of the accident.

What’s more? She had been unable to close her eyes since the accident due to the disfigurement.

The poor financial condition of Yuan’s family meant she couldn’t go to university after high school.

Her appearance had also become an obstacle for her to find a job in her hometown.

After Yuan met Dong online, the pair stayed in close contact for a year.

Yuan had been rejected by several companies due to her looks, and Dong became her confidante.

The two quickly fell in love.

Yuan said in an interview with Xinhua in 2010: ‘He is a very kind man.’

In the same interview, Dong said: ‘I love her from my heart and I will warm her heart all my life.’

The precious relationship prompted Yuan to make a life-changing decision – she moved 1,750 miles from Zhaoqing to Anshan to be with Dong.

Afterwards, Dong spent all his life savings to help Yuan treat her poor eyesight – a result of her eye-closing difficulty. The couple married in 2010.

They said they lead a simple life, mostly staying at home, cooking and watching TV together. Dong, a loving husband, said he enjoyed doing housework as it could reduce the workload of his wife.