Grandmother gives birth to her own granddaughter!

Grandmother gives birth to her own granddaughter!

CHENNAI: After an abortion and a failed pregnancy through a surrogate mother, 27-year-old Seethalakshmi* began to lose hope of being able to hold a baby in her arms again. Help came in the form of her 61-year-old mother who set out on an unusual journey to carry her daughter`s baby in her womb. In November, last year, the woman delivered a girl, weighing 2.

7Kg, through caesarean procedure. Doctors at Akash Fertility Centre and Hospital in Chennai, where Seethalakshmi was treated, said she and her husband had approached them in 2013 looking for a surrogate mother. “Immediately after her marriage, she conceived but lost her child in the seventh month after she developed pregnancy-related complication,” said Dr K S Jeyarani Kamaraj, a fertility consultant at the hospital.

Doctors decided to remove her uterus after she began to bleed excessively. Two years after she lost her baby, Seethalakshmi and her husband, IT professionals, approached a fertility clinic, looking for a surrogate mother. The procedure, however, failed in the surrogate mother.

“By the time the couple came to us, they were distraught. They had spent Rs8 lakh for the previous surrogate mother. We suggested looking for someone within the family,” said Dr Kamaraj.

Without a moment`s pause, her mother, who had accompanied the couple, volunteered to carry her grandchild. The woman, who had attained menopause, was put on hormonal treatment for 2 months to restore her menstrual cycle. In the fourth month, the embryo was implanted in her uterus.

Nine months later, she gave birth a girl and even breast-fed her granddaughter for about four months. ….

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