Google working on a budget Nexus smartphone

Google working on a budget Nexus smartphone

Google is said to have teamed up with Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek to make a Nexus smartphone aimed at the budget end of the market. It is believed that the smartphone would be a new device within Google’s Nexus range, rather than the new Nexus 5 or rumoured Nexus 6.

According to Chinese language website, MediaTek has been approached by Google with the intention to make a budget smartphone. The site – which specialises in MediaTek news – said the company will produce a Nexus handset that could cost as little as $100. It cited “trusted insiders from the Taiwanese supply chain” as its source.

According to the site, the smartphones “overall specifications should not be too high”, which would tie in with claims it will come in under $100. Industry commentators have suggested that the budget smartphone will be aimed at developing markets and may not make it to the UK. But we’ve heard that before, haven’t we netbooks. We’ll bring you more about Google’s budget Nexus when we hear it.

Source: MTKSJ