Google unveils new interface for Gmail on mobile

Beginning today, Google is rolling out a redesign of the Gmail app for Android and iOS.

Google unveils new interface for Gmail on mobile

Search engine giant Google has said that it is unveiling a new look for Gmail on mobile, too.

“As part of the new design, you can quickly view attachments—like photos—without opening or scrolling through the conversation. It’s also easier to switch between personal and work accounts, so you can access all of your emails without breaking a sweat. And just like on the web, you’ll get big, red warnings to alert you when something looks phish-y,” Google wrote in its official blog.

Google said that this update is part of a larger effort to make G Suite look and act like a family of products, designed in the Google Material Theme with ease-of-use in mind.

Google said that with machine learning, Gmail can help you draft emails faster using Smart Compose, or reply to messages quicker with suggested responses generated by Smart Reply.

Source : PTI

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