Google launches new smart messaging app

Google launches new smart messaging app

WhatsApp maybe the world’s most popular messaging app but it’s facing some stiff competition. Earlier this week, Telegram announced it was allowing users to edit messages after they have been sent, now Google is launching a smart messaging app called Allo.

This new platform has a number of unique features over its rivals including the ability to offer responses tailored to individual users text messages and video content. The “smart reply” function brings up suggestions for your response so you don’t have to type anything.

And it’s so smart it can suggest emojis as replies as well. Allo also features the Google assistant, bringing the richness of Google directly into your chats.

You can chat one-on-one with the assistant, or call on Google in a group chat with friends.

Either way, you no longer have to jump between apps to do things like book a dinner reservation with friends, get up-to-date sports scores, settle a bet, or play a game.

The assistant in Allo lets you bring things like Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate to all your conversations, so that you and your friends can use Google together.

There’s no official launch date for Allo but it should be available on Android and Apple devices later in the year.

Google also announced a host of other tech news including its new Home speaker that can control your house.

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