Google Allo: How to use the messaging app

Google Allo: How to use the messaging app

Are you people bored of using messenger apps such as Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp and Skype Messenger? If so, try out the new Allo, Google’s latest smart messenger.

Google Allo has been officially rolled out on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store and is available for users to download.

Here are the simple steps which adds this amazing application to your smartphone and also help you know how to use it.

• Download it from the Android Playstore or ios App store .

• After the download, the set up page appear which involves agreeing to few permissions. Once you have agreed, it requires access to your mobile number to activate the system.

• The system detects the entered number and registers it.

• Once it is registered, you are asked to take selfie to use as profile picture. This request can be skipped and you will be directly whisked off to the main messages and inbox page .

• Then comes interaction with the google assistant, message threads will ask for the permission to use your location to bring search smarts to your conversations.

• Select the operation which you want and you are now ready to use the app.

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