Google Allo: Check out the special features

Google Allo: Check out the special features

Google on Wednesday rolled out a new smart messenger Allo, which would compete with the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.With its exclusive features in the smart messenger apps,Google sets out to create a buzz in internet and social media once again .

Here are the special features:

Allo has a smart reply feature which offers you appropriate, contextually aware smart suggestions for quick replies. When someone sends you a picture, or a message, Smart Reply will offer you a selection of suggestions you can choose from in attractive teal-lined oval bubbles.

Just tap the one you want, and that’s your reply. No typing required. Later it becomes highly personalised with frequent use.

Tap the “+” button to the left of the text input field and you’ll get to the media sharing screen. From here you can either snap a picture and share it, choose an image from your gallery, share your location or send stickers.

You can also markup photos you have in your library. Simply choose an image that’s in your gallery and hit the little pencil icon.

With Allo being a Google product, have a built-in search tool bot which lets you quickly and easily find things from the internet and share them instantly with your friends. Simply type “@google” followed by your request.

Like its Chrome browser, Google’s Allo app has an incognito mode, When you start an incognito chat with anyone you can set the when the chat is going to expire, ranging from five seconds to one week. Whenever you receive an incognito message, notifications won’t show any personal information.

As with any decent messaging app, you can delete individual chats from your inbox. Simply press and hold any chat in the main inbox view and choose “delete” from the list. In this same list you can also choose to stop notifications from that conversation or block the contact.