Google Adds Traffic Alerts To Maps

Google Adds Traffic Alerts To Maps

Google Maps is about to get a lot smarter at spotting delays in your route and helping you avoid them: from this weekend the app will show more information about pesky roadworks, traffic jams and other problems on the way to your destination – so long as you live in the US.

The current version of the app already shows congestion and roadworks ahead, but now you’ll get more information to help you choose the best route and change it on the fly. The update is coming to the US in the next couple of days, but hopefully we’ll see a wider rollout soon.

“While you’re on the road, Google Maps will give you a heads up if congestion lies ahead, and how long you’ll be stuck in a jam,” advises Google. “You’ll also get the option to take alternate routes, including explanations for why one is recommended – whether it’s the fastest or avoids an incident.”

Source : PTI

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