Girl jumps off from 13th floor, after planning her suicide for two days

Girl jumps off from 13th floor, after planning her suicide for two days

Bangalore, INDIA: Nobody knew what plagued her heart and soul so much, that Isha Handa was forced to take that one step that annihilated her life. Young and talented, Isha was a theatre artiste and a fashion designer, who had started her own firm called StayGlad, just a few months back in Bangalore.

Her body was found in a pool of blood, in front of the Shobha Classic building, where she had jumped from on Sunday evening, with all unfamiliar and strange faces peering down at her lifeless eyes. Also Read: Telangana: Engineering student commits suicide on being ragged by seniors

Investigations have revealed that Isha had been planning her death for 48 hours, before she finally killed herself. Her Google search history revealed that Isha had researched on ways to commit suicide by scouring some 89 websites and had also done a preview of all the localities in the city with appropriately tall buildings.

Not just that, Isha had carefully considered all the ways of committing suicide, speculating the success rate of each and then zeroing in on jumping from the building.

Forensic research on her phone suggests how badly Isha wanted to end her life, with her Google history showing searches about jumping in front of a train, consuming poison, overdosing on sleeping pills, hanging by a rope, electrocuting herself, drowning etc. She even contemplated about the way she would jump from the building- diving head first or plummeting down it!

Around 4 pm on Sunday, Isha left her apartment at Coconut Grove Apartments, telling her room mates that she’s going out for some personal work and won’t be back for a long time. She caught a cab and made her way to Shobha Classic, where she reached by 5 pm. The next three and half hours- the last three and half hours of her life- were spent walking around the building, surveying the area, thinking about how to gain access to the terrace. Also Read: Robin Williams, Jiah Khan, Guru Dutt: 10 famous celebrities who met a mysterious and tragic end

Then when the darkness fell, Isha climbed the last climb of her life, to the 13th floor of the building at about 8.30 pm. Her body was found in a pool of blood, along with a pair of slippers and a bag containing rope, 250 gms of marijuana and some white pills. The police are suspecting that Isha was under the influence of drugs when she jumped. Her body has been set for a post mortem, which is also proving to be difficult since the long fall broke it into pieces.

Isha’s friends and family describe her as an intelligent, outspoken and self assured individual. It is difficult to imagine such a bold young woman committing suicide and one cannot help but wonder what could have pushed Isha over the edge so far off, that she could not see any point of return. Initially the police had suspected foul play, but now with the details of Isha’s ‘death planning’ plain in sight, police is ready to dismiss it as a suicide case.

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