Georgia floods: Lions, tigers, crocs and hippos roam free after killer floods send city into meltdown (Pictures)

Georgia floods: Lions, tigers, crocs and hippos roam free after killer floods send city into meltdown (Pictures)

CROCODILES, lions, tigers, bears, wolves and a hippo have escaped from a major city zoo after freak floods which are now believed to have killed 12 people.

Terrified residents have been warned to stay indoors as more than 30 dangerous beasts roam the city streets, in what has been dubbed a “Jumanji situation”. Three zoo keepers are believed to be among the victims after torrential rain hit Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia. One keeper was trying to save lions and tigers – despite losing her arm recently after being mauled by a tiger. Incredible photos showing a croc wading in flood waters close to parked cars have gone viral online.

Another amazing picture shows a hippo wandering along a busy dual carriageway before stopping to snack on a tree. The animal has since been captured after being tranquilised by zoo officers. Some creatures were killed by cops including a rare breed of white lion cub and six wolves roaming the grounds of a nearby children’s hospital.

At least 24 people were still missing and 37 were taken to hospital with injuries, Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri told an emergency government meeting. Monday has now been declared a day of national mourning. Heavy rainfall caused the Vere River, which snakes through the city, to burst its banks around midnight last night. It has caused an estimated £6.4million worth of damage and left dozens of families homeless. Mayor David Narmaniya said attempts to secure the area were continuing this morning.


Source : PTI

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