Freida Pinto calls her drunken date with Sid Mallya ‘a fun night’

Freida Pinto calls her drunken date with Sid Mallya ‘a fun night’

Freida Pinto took to the streets of Los Angeles to celebrate her 30th birthday. The actress was not just drunk but was also caught pole dancing outside a strip club. But what seems to have grabbed eyeballs is the fact that she was spotted with none other than Siddharth Mallya.

When asked about her drunken date with Sid Mallya at a press conference, the actress said that the news was blown out of proportion. She added that Sid is just a friend and only the Indian media speculated about her romance with Sid Mallya. In fact, she reiterated that her relationship with boyfriend Dev Patel is going steady.

According to a leading website, Frieda said, “It was a bunch of young people having fun. Thatâ??s it. There was nothing more to it. Sid happened to be in Los Angeles, and we are part of the same friends circle. I don’t even know how these rumours even started. Let me tell you, these stories were only started by the Indian media and not anyone else. The reports which were carried internationally were that I was drunk. Which I feel was fine as, once in a while, everyone should be able to let their hair down and have some fun.”

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