Five more arrested in connection with the brutal killing of student Vithya

Five more arrested in connection with the brutal killing of student Vithya

On Sunday evening the Intelligence investigation unit arrested five more persons in connection to the death of Punguditivu Student Vithya. To protect from the attack of public they were given the protection by Jaffna police. 

According to the reports received from there it was said that more than hundreds of people from Punguditivu reached the police station and demanded the police to hand over the culprits to them and they will provide the punishment. As a result of this tension prevailed in the area.

The arrested people have only committed the crime of sexually assaulting and brutally murdering the school student Vithya. These five culprits were from Punguditivu and one of them have come from abroad. According to the confidential information received the police have made the arrest, the police said. When the town people came to know about this they stopped the police vehicle by blocking the road and held protest to hand over the culprits to them. As a tension situation privileged.

As a result additional police force where deployed and Minster Vijayakala Maheswarar and Tamil National Alliance parliament member and some members of the Northern Provincial Council reached the spot. Despite of strong protest, these five people through the sea route overnight itself took them to Jaffna.

School Student Vithya was kidnapped while going to school and her body was found next day in one of the abandoned house near the forest area. Already the police have arrested three people in connection with this murder. The court order them to held in remand upto till 28th of this month. In the middle of this on Sunday five more persons were arrested.

Many university and school students in the northern part of Sri Lanka held demonstrations condemning the this incident and demanding arrest and punishment to the culprits.