FIRST LOOK: Emirates unveils new Airbus A380 with 615 seats

This new Airbus A380 has a whopping 615 seats - the previous record was 538...

FIRST LOOK: Emirates unveils new Airbus A380 with  615 seats

Economy class is getting even bigger after Emirates reconfigured its new Airbus A380-800 planes to hold the most seats ever for an airliner. Already the world’s largest passenger plane, the new two-class A380 will hold a staggering 615 passengers in business and economy – but travellers in so-called cattle class will not lose any legroom inside Emirates’ overhauled cabin.

The luxury Gulf carrier has made room for 130 additional economy seats, or 13 rows with 10 seats in each, by scrapping the spacious first class cabin and trimming 18 flat-bed seats from business class.

1. Airbus A380-800 (Capacity of 525 passengers)
2. Boeing 747-8I (467 passengers)
3. Boeing 747-400 (416 passengers)
4. Airbus A340-600 (350 passengers)
5. Airbus A350-900 (325 passengers)
6. Boeing 777-300 (314 passengers)
7. Boeing 777-200 (280 passengers)
8. Airbus A333-300 (277 passengers)
9. Airbus A340-300 (267 passengers)
10. Airbus A340-500 (240 passengers)










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