New airport scanners: You don’t need to remove your laptop from your bag anymore

New security scanners are being trialled at Changi Airport in Singapore.

New airport scanners: You don’t need to remove your laptop from your bag anymore

New scanners unveiled on Friday at Singapore’s Changi Airport eliminate the need for electronic equipment to be removed from bags. The equipment is currently being trialled at two boarding gates at Terminal 3 but could be implemented across the board if successful.

The new hand-luggage scanner uses computed tomography (CT) screening, according to a statement from the airport. The technology is similar to the special X-rays currently being used in cancer screening and is used to create detailed images of the items being scanned. Part of the improvement is that the new scanner is able to produce 3D images rather than the previous two-dimensional versions so passengers no longer need to remove laptops and tablets from their bag.

As part of the new system, the trays used to take hand luggage through the scanners are now also being automated, which means that a member of staff will no longer need to return the trays to their original position. What’s more, two passengers can be processed at the same time, further cutting the time required for checking. The airport hopes that the new system will dramatically speed up the security check process.

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