Facebook to copy WhatsApp’s new feature

Facebook to copy WhatsApp’s new feature

Facebook Messenger could be about to introduce end-to-end encryption to its hugely-popular messaging app. Sources close to the US social network have suggested Messenger is almost ready to roll-out encryption to its 900 million users worldwide.

The move comes two months after WhatsApp enabled end-to-end encryption by default within its app. End-to-end encryption means any text messages, pictures, videos, or files sent via the app are scrambled until they are indecipherable to any criminals or law enforcement agencies that intercept your communications.

Encryption has become increasingly popular amongst messaging apps. It provides users with a peace of mind since it means the app developer is not trawling through their conversations.

It also prevents the host company, like Facebook or WhatsApp, from handing over the contents of messages to any outside sources or governments.

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