Facebook launches new messaging app ‘Slingshot’

Facebook launches new messaging app ‘Slingshot’

Facebook on Tuesday officially unveiled Slingshot, a new Snapchat-like app, that aims at group sharing, be it a snap or a video. Just like in Snapchat, a user has to login before starting sharing pics and videos to one or more friends. A user can look at a photo or watch a video for as long as he/she wishes and can later just swipe it away. Product designer on the Slingshot project, Joey Flynn, said that Slingshot is not a messaging app and it will encourage people to upload more often.

Facebook said for the new app, the list of friends is primarily built from phone numbers, culled from a smartphone’s address book. The app also includes the ability to turn the flash on and off, a “selfie” feature which turns on the front-facing camera, and also lets users add text, icons or even drawings to the clicked picture. The app is now available in the App Store and on Google Play.

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