EVIL: Man uses daughter as sex slave for 22 years and fathering 8 children with her

EVIL: Man uses daughter as sex slave for 22 years and fathering 8 children with her

Argentina: A MAN suspected of raping his daughter from the age of nine for 22 years and fathering eight children with her has been arrested after a month-long manhunt.

Domingo Bullicio, 56, is accused of subjecting his daughter Antonia, 31, to a reign of terror that began when his wife left him with his three other children.
Also known as Vernacho, he kept his then nine-year-old daughter captive at his rundown house in Villa Balnearia near Rio Hondo Termas, Argentina.

Over 22 years he sexually abused her, regularly beat her and fathered children with her before she managed to escape and ask authorities for help. He then fled the property which sparked a month-long manhunt that culminated with his capture in the nearby town of Loreto.

Speaking to a local newspaper, Antonia said her father and uncle had both abused her – sometimes in front of the children – and that she had received death threats since going to the police. She said: “From the moment my mum left home I became my father’s wife. He abused me from the age of nine. He would hit me and used to chase me round the house with a lump of wood when he saw me chatting to a neighbour or simply wanted to abuse me.”

She added: “He threatened me constantly and I always feared for my life. He told me he would kill me if I said anything. I’m scared for my life and the life of my children because today I’m receiving threats from my father’s siblings to withdraw my complaint against him. They’re not at all concerned about what’s happened. I want him to rot in jail. I want justice to be done.”

Appearing in court on Monday, Bullicio was told that he faced multiple rape charges and that DNA tests will confirm whether the children are his. Josef Fritzl was convicted for a similar crime after imprisoning his daughter Elizabeth for 24 years and repeatedly assaulting, abusing and raping her.

She was kept in a concealed cellar of 18 square metres from the age of 18 and gave birth to seven of his children, although one died shortly after being born. The 80-year-old is now serving a life term for his crimes.

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