Donald Trump’s Mexican border facing delay

Donald Trump’s Mexican border facing delay

President Donald Trump’s Mexican border wall may be delayed as Republicans consider putting its funding on hold. Senator Roy Blunt said cash for the wall would be left out of a spending bill that must pass by 28 April to avert a partial government shutdown. His remarks came on Tuesday after Mr Trump requested a supplemental funding bill to include money for the wall along with military programmes. But Mr Blunt signalled Mr Trump’s request could complicate negotiations.

“All of the committees, House and Senate leaderships, are working together to try to finalise the rest of the FY17 bill,” said Mr Blunt, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee and his party’s leadership. “My guess is that comes together better without the supplemental.” He added that the supplemental funding could be dealt with “at a later time”.

Mr Trump had proposed $1.5bn (£1.2bn) for his wall through Congress as part of the spending bill, which funds federal agencies to the end of the current fiscal year.

Source : PTI

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