Doctors save premature baby using sandwich bag

Doctors save premature baby using sandwich bag

A tiny premature baby was incredibly kept alive after quick-thinking doctors placed her inside a Tesco sandwich bag to keep her warm.

Pixie Griffiths-Grant weighed just 1.1lbs (approx 1/2 kg) when she was delivered by emergency C-section at 28 weeks – but her weight quickly fell to less than 1lb minutes after birth.

Doctors immediately bundled her into a see-through sandwich bag – emblazoned with the supermarket’s logo – to stop her body temperature dropping, reports Metro.

Pixie, who was lighter than half a bag of sugar and smaller than her mother’s hand, was rushed to intensive care, where doctors expected her to survive for less than an hour.

Sharon, of Goonhavern, Cornwall, was forced to give birth three months early after scans revealed her unborn baby had stopped growing in the womb at just 20 weeks.

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