Deaf Boy ‘Saved’ From House Fire By Pitbull

The family pet named Ace continued to lick the sleeping, 13-year-old's face as the home started filling up with smoke.

Deaf Boy ‘Saved’ From House Fire By Pitbull

Nick Lamb was home alone and not wearing his hearing aids when the fire broke out at his Indianapolis home about 1pm on Wednesday. “My dog licked my face and woke me up. I was like, ‘Stop it! What? You want to be fed?’,” the teen said.

“I thought he wanted to be fed or go outside.” But the dog named Ace continued to lick Nick until he finally got up and realised the house was full of smoke. He said: “I couldn’t hear anything because I had my cochlear implants off. … My dog Ace smelled it.

“I just wanted to get out.” Nick said he covered his nose and mouth with his T-shirt and darted out the back door with Ace by his side. His mother, Lindsay Bernard, credited the dog with saving her son.

She said: “It’s amazing, because if he wouldn’t have been there, he probably wouldn’t have even woke up.” The family cat, Pixie, was treated for smoke inhalation and is expected to recover, firefighters said. Nick, who was born deaf, told firefighters that this was the first summer he was old enough to stay home alone. He said that he had returned from summer camp just three days earlier.