Deadly blast hits hotel in Somali capital

Suicide bomber rams car into Mogadishu hotel housing members of a Turkish delegation ahead of visit by their president.

Deadly blast hits hotel in Somali capital

A suicide car bomb has exploded at the gate of a Mogadishu hotel where Turkish delegates were meeting, a day ahead of a visit by their President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the Somali capital, police have said. At least two police officers were killed in Thursday’s attack on the SYL hotel, which has been claimed by Somalia’s armed group al-Shabab. “The Turkish delegates are safe inside the hotel,” the Reuters news agency reported, citing police captain Farah Nur. “The hotel was busy.”

A witness told the Reuters that they had seen two police officers lying dead in front of the destroyed hotel gate, and what appeared to be the mangled body of the suicide bomber. “I saw [a car] speeding along the main road and the driver turned into the Hotel SYL gate. There was a huge explosion, smoke and shrapnel. Several people were down on the ground,” said Abdukadir Munin. The area around the hotel was quickly sealed off and police fired shots to keep away onlookers, witnesses said. Quoting police sources, the AFP news agency reported a higher death toll, saying five people had been killed. It said three security guards were among the dead.

Source : Aljazeera

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