Croatian hostage beheaded by ISIS?

Croatian hostage beheaded by ISIS?

The Islamic State claims to have beheaded the Croatian hostage who was captured last month from Egypt’s Cairo. The beheading claim come after the Egyptian government failed to abide by the ISIS deadline of 48 hours, given to free all Muslim female prisoners.

The ISIS made the claim on social media, posting the pictures of the hostage’s body on ISIS-linked Twitter accounts, said the AFP. However, the authenticity of the images has not yet been ascertained. Also, Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic refused to confirm the beheading, however he said he feared the worst.

Addressing the nation, the Croatian PM said, “At this moment we cannot confirm with 100-percent certainty that this is true and I don`t know if we will be able to confirm that in the coming days, but what we see does not look good, looks horrible,” the AFP quoted him as saying.

The ISIS had captured a Croatian national named Tomislav Salopek on July 22 and last week it released a video, issuing a 48-hour-deadline to the Egyptian government threatening to kill the hostage if all Muslim female prisoners were not released from jails.

Terror tracker SITE Intel Group’s head Rita Katz had tweeted a grab from the video which showed the Croatian man dressed in a faded yellow jumpsuit kneeling before a knife-weilding ISIS fighter in fatigues. The Croatian, who worked as a topographer for a French Geoscience company Compagnie Generale de Geophysique, (GCC), was kidnapped by Sinai Province ISIS fighters on July 22 while heading to work in his company car.

Source : AFP

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