VIDEO: Woman miniskirt pulled down and stolen by a pervert in China

VIDEO: Woman miniskirt pulled down and stolen by a pervert in China

A woman walking along a crowded street in China was maliciously attacked by a man who pushed her down and pulled off her skirt. He then quickly ran away, taking it with him.

Shocked, the woman was left without anything covering her lower half. It is not clear if he took her underwear as well, but footage taken of the incident shows her walking off with what looks like her bare bottom on full display, reports the People’s Daily Online.

The unidentified man who was wearing a beige jacket during the attack is believed to be still at large. After realizing what has just happened, the woman gets up from the floor and casually walks off, embarrassed and skirt-less, with a lot on display.

Throughout the whole attack, not one person on the busy street around her stops to help her out, or tries to chase the man. The video was quickly posted online and shared on Chinese media, with many people calling the man a pervert.

Watch the video:

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