CRAZY: Indian man sets himself on fire after hearing wife sing

Shaikh Basheer had tried to ban his wife Sadika Sanjari from singing at an event. Angry husband turned up and approached the stage with kerosene.

CRAZY: Indian man sets himself on fire after hearing wife sing

In a bizarre incident, an Indian man set himself on fire in front of at least 50 people after his wife refused to abide to his wish of not singing songs in public. Shaikh Basheer, 40, from Ananthapur district in Andhra Pradesh in southern India had forbade his wife Sadika Sanjari, 35, from taking part in a function during the local New Year celebrations on Tuesday.

But Sanjari, who had been running the family by singing at small functions, defied her husband’s warnings and went on to sing Qawwali or devotional Sufi songs at the event. However, just as the woman was about to sing, an angry Basheer turned up at the event and approached the stage with kerosene. Before anyone could realise his intentions, he poured the highly inflammable oil all over and set himself.

Some alert spectators then rush to his rescue and drag him down and douse the fire by covering him with carpets. Basheer was rushed to a local hospital immediately but he sustained 70 per cent burns and is battling for his life. A case of attempt to suicide was registered by police against the man.

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Source : PTI

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