CRAZY: Chinese woman nearly dies after swallowing spoon

An x-ray showing the spoon swallowed by a woman eating noodles.

CRAZY: Chinese woman nearly dies after swallowing spoon

CHINA: A 27-year-old woman underwent emergency surgery after gulping the cutlery. The woman, from Yangzhou City, in east China’s Jiangsu Province, said she had been sucking on the noodles but ended up swallowing the spoon down her throat. She immediately went to the hospital but doctors thought she was joking as she showed no signs of pain.

The woman claimed it had been in her stomach for three hours. It wasn’t until the utensil appeared on a CT scan that doctors took her seriously. Doctors then rushed her into surgery for a two-hour operation. The spoon could have caused a rupture in the woman’s intestines, which could have caused immense pain and, in severe cases, could prove to be fatal.

Source : PTI

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