CRAZY: Australian rapper escapes $600 bill at restaurant by swimming into ocean 😂

This Man Allegedly Swam Out To Sea So He Didn’t Have To Pay For Dinner...

CRAZY: Australian rapper escapes $600 bill at restaurant by swimming into ocean 😂

An Australian rapper called 2pec racked up a large bill in a seafood restaurant, before running into the sea to avoid paying, a Queensland court has heard. Police set off in hot pursuit on jetskis for the man, who later claimed he ran to help a friend give birth on the beach, according to local media. His bill was over $450.

Terry Peck, who has been charged with theft and assault, later said the lobsters were overcooked. The 33-year-old appeared in court on Monday morning after the incident at Omeros Bros restaurant in Surfers Paradise on the east coast. He allegedly consumed two lobsters, a baby octopus, 21 vodka oyster shots and “a number of Coronas”.

Terry Peck will appear in court on Monday morning facing charges of stealing and serious assault of a police officer.

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