Comedian Vivek clarifies comments on Nayanthara

Comedian Vivek clarifies comments on Nayanthara

Few days ago actor Vivek took a dig at Nayanthara, who was has not been attending promotions of her movies, at the audio launch of ‘Kashmora’ which has Karthi, Nayanthara and Sri Divya in the lead. While stating that Nayanthara has not come for the audio launch, Vivke made a generalised statement that some heroines don’t attend the promotions of their movies and also give a clever reason for it.

Speaking at the audio launch, Vivek said, “Now a days, some heroines don’t attend their movie promotions. They also have a clever answer for that. I am not intending to say it in a negative way. They say it doesn’t seem sentimental if they come for promotions.”

Just like this, it would be great for producers if these heroines feel that, if they take the final payment, it doesn’t work sentimentally for the film. The producers would be happy,” added Vivek.

Though the star comedian made a generalised statement, it is known that, Nayanthara is the heroine who doesn’t attend any of her film promotions. After his comments went viral, Vivek has taken to twitter to clarify that he didn’t pinpoint Nayanthara and that the is her fan.