Colombia landslides: 127 dead, 220 missing

Colombia declares state of emergency after 'avalanche of water' triggered by a landslide smashes through rural city killing at least 127 people as the president warns the death toll will rise.

Colombia landslides: 127 dead, 220 missing

The torrential rains triggered what the Colombian Army called an “avalanche” of muddy water from the Mocoa River and its tributaries. Soon the city’s streets filled with rushing water that toppled homes, ripped trees from their roots and carried off cars and trucks. Witnesses said buildings vibrated as the muddy waters swiftly swept through the city. Many residents didn’t have time to scramble to rooftops or escape to higher ground. Some were killed while sleeping.

Mocoa’s mayor Jose Antonio Castro said houses in 17 neighborhoods were wiped out. “A big portion of the many houses were just taken by the avalanche, but above all the people were warned with enough time and they were able to get out,” Castro told Sky News. Herman Granados, a doctor at the local hospital, said he worked through the night to help victims. The hospital was quickly running out of supplies and didn’t have enough blood on hand to treat patients, he added.

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Source : PTI

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