Coca-Cola to release cannabis drinks!

The drink would only include CBD, the non-psychoactive element that’s used for things like anxiety and pain relief.

Coca-Cola to release cannabis drinks!

Coca-Cola is said to be close to a deal that could see it infuse cans of soft drink with cannabis. The US giant is said to be in ‘serious’ discussions with a cannabis producer as it looks to grab a slice of the burgeoning marijuana market.

A deal with the firm, Aurora Cannabis, could lead to Coca-Cola selling drinks infused with marijuana, which is said to have health benefits such as easing inflammation, pain and cramping.

The conglomerate is likely to use cannabidiol, known as CBD, to develop the drinks. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis that is said to help ease pain but without the buzz or high some users seek.

According to US-based Bloomberg news, sources close to negotiations said Coca-Cola and Aurora are ‘pretty advanced down the path’ of doing a deal. ‘It’s going to be more of a recovery drink,’ the source added.

If Coca-Cola seals a contract with Aurora it would be the first major soft drinks firm to make a move into the marijuana market. Canada is set to legalise the recreational use of cannabis next month as more states across the US make it legal.

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