Chinese businessman hanged himself in front of a bank

Chinese businessman hanged himself in front of a bank

A man hanged himself in front of a Chinese bank this morning after not being able to cope with losing money to telephone scams. The man, known only by his surname of Xiong, lost more than 10,000 Yuan ($1,500) when he recently became a victim of fraud in Henan Province, central China, reports the People’s Daily Online.

His lifeless body was found hanging in full view of the public outside the Agricultural Bank of China in the city of Xinxiang this morning. According to the report, Mr Xiong lost the money two days ago after he received a telephone call that turned out to be a scam.

He transferred more than 10,000 Yuan to the criminal behind the scam through the Agricultural bank in Xinxiang where he was found. It’s understood that the money was Mr Xiong’s savings which he had brought from hometown Zhoukou to Xinxiang a month ago in order to start a small business

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