Chilean engineers create bicycle that’s ‘impossible’ to steal

Chilean engineers create bicycle that’s ‘impossible’ to steal

A new ‘unstealable’ bicycle has been created by 3 Chilean engineers, which can be robbed only if a person breaks it. According to the Mirror, designers of the bike Juan Jose Monsalve, Andres and Cristobal, said that they came up with the unique idea, called the Yerka Project, because as students, they themselves had been victims bicycle theft and wanted to do something to reduce the crime.

The bike’s bottom bar on the frame can be split into two and wrapped around a secure pole with the removable seat connecting and locking the two bars together.

The engineers claimed that the technology prevents the two-wheeler, which looked like any average urban bike, from being stolen if it was properly locked, unless someone broke the frame.

Though the bike has received some criticisms, like the thieves may just steal away the parts if not the whole thing, Monsalve said that it meant they were doing something that people were interested in, adding that they intended to improve with every critic.


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