WATCH: Scariest two-way mirror prank ever

The good folks at Roadshow Entertainment were on hand for a warehouse screening of The Conjuring 2, an event to be used for promotional and interview purposes. Members of the audience were handpicked to be featured in a promo video and were whisked away to a private room to await their turn on camera. Unfortunately […]

SHOCKING VIDEO: Girl stabbed 32 times in india

SHOCKING VIDEO: Girl stabbed 32 times in india

With dozens of people watching, a 21-year-old woman was killed on Tuesday morning after a 34-year-old man who had been stalking her for more than a year stabbed her at least 22 times with a pair of scissors. The victim, Karuna, a school teacher, is the third woman to have been attacked by a stalker […]

WATCH: India workers carry woman body on pole

Outrage as dead woman, 80, is crushed by workmen so she can be squeezed into a sack and taken home hanging on a pole.  

WATCH: Horrifying coach crash

Footage captured by a passing motorist shows the sickening moment that a coach crushed five cars after the driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. Vehicles were backed up while queuing to enter a tunnel on the motorway in Yeongdong, South Korea, when the bus piled into them at full speed. According to local news […]

WATCH: Moment when Truck crashes into crowds in France

The moment when a truck has deliberately ploughed into crowds celebrating France’s national day in a terror attack killing more than 70 people and injuring at least 100. into  

WATCH: Amateur video shows Dallas gunman

Amateur video shows a person firing a semi-automatic rifle on the street in Dallas.¬†Five police officers have been shot dead by snipers at a protest in the city. Six more officers were injured in the shooting, some critically.  

WATCH: Mother rat saves her baby from snake

In a nail-biting video, the incident played out on the side of the road as the snake attempted to slither away with a baby rat. The video was posted on Facebook by Rojas Montecinos Envy, with the caption: ‘Today while I was returning home, I witnessed this amazing act of love from a mother.’  

Turkish football fan breaks TV after his wife pranks him

The football fan, who has been identified as Izzet Salti, was attempting to watch his country Turkey play Croatia in the Euros when his wife began turning off the TV at crucial moments.  

VIDEO: Giant alligator stuns golfers in Florida

Footage shared by and credited to golfer Charles Helm, shows the creature moving slowly across the Buffalo Creek Golf Course, much to the surprise of shocked players, who filmed the giant animal.  

WATCH: 22-year-old girl abducted, molested in India

The incident was caught on a CCTV camera in which the woman is seen being physically lifted and carried away by the man from behind as she was speaking on her mobile phone in front of her paying guest (PG) accommodation. The complainant alleged that the accused took her to a desolate underconstruction building in […]

2-year-old girl falls out of a bus window in China

2-year-old girl falls out of a bus window in China

This is the dramatic moment a two-year-old girl falls out of a bus window and lands in the path of a moving vehicle.VFootage of the incident, from Nanchong City of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, showed the toddler falling from a height and hitting the tarmac with the back of her head.VThe video was captured on […]