VIDEO: Man’s body found inside python

VIDEO: Man’s body found inside python

A missing Indonesian man was found dead inside the body of a python, according to local police. Akbar went missing on Sunday on the island of Sulawesi, after leaving to harvest palm oil. In the search for the 25-year-old, police told BBC Indonesian that they had found a huge snake they suspected had swallowed the […]

WATCH: MMA Fighter Chokes Referee

MMA fighter Joseph Nehm chokes referee after getting knocked out by opponent Ryse Brink.  

WATCH: 100-Vehicle Accident in Canada

Close to 100 vehicles were affected in the pileup just outside of the Greater Toronto Area, with the new video showing a transport truck losing control and spinning as it crashes into several vehicles. No one was killed in the collisions, but several people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.  

WATCH: Man Plays on Crane

With the snow-covered city beneath him, this guy climbed a crane’s beams and hung on it. He wasn’t afraid as he dangled his body and walked across the beam for fun.  

WATCH: Mexico fireworks blast kills 31

An explosion at a fireworks market outside Mexico City has killed at least 31 people, officials say.  

WATCH: American Airlines plane evacuated after catching fire

WATCH: American Airlines plane evacuated after catching fire

An American Airlines plane has caught fire and passengers have been evacuated on the runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman,Tony Molinaro, said American Airlines Flight 383 departed Chicago for Miami on Friday afternoon when it blew a tire and damaged an engine. Mr Molinaro added the pilot aborted the takeoff and […]

WATCH: Crazy moment snake catcher releases hundreds of rat snakes into Indian forest

A mind-blowing video has emerged of a man releasing a sackful of snakes in the wild and patting them away in India. The video was shot in Panchmadhi forest of Hoshangabad area near Bhopal. A snake catcher confirmed they released 285 of them inside the forest after they checked there were no people nearby.  

VIDEO: Incredible 18 costume change illusions in one minute

Two of the slickest magicians in the business attempted to break the Guinness World Records title for the Most costume change illusions in one minute by an individual.  

VIDEO: Elephant crushed to death by a bus in Thailand

This is the horrific moment a bus carrying 25 people on a motorway crashed into a runaway elephant. The double-decker coach had been travelling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand when it ploughed into the eight-year-old bull which had strayed onto the road. Mobile phone footage captured the moment the dazed elephant was […]

WATCH: Baby born looking like an 80-year-old man

WATCH: Baby born looking like an 80-year-old man

A boy with a rare medical condition known as progeria has been born to a couple in Bangladesh’s Bhulbaria village. Born to Parul Patro, wife of Biswajit Patro, a poor farmer in Bhulbaria village, the infant has wrinkles on his face, hollow eyes and a shrunken body. Reportedly, those suffering from progeria age eight times […]

WATCH: World’s largest passenger plane rocked voilently

This is the dramatic moment the world’s largest passenger plane is forced into an emergency manoeuvre as it’s buffeted by severe crosswinds. The Emirates Airbus A380 was rocked violently as it came into land at Manchester Airport.