Bus Hijacked and Set on Fire in China, Eight Killed

Bus Hijacked and Set on Fire in China, Eight Killed

BEIJING: A fire on a Chinese passenger bus which killed eight people and injured five may have been started deliberately, police said, after several deadly such incidents in recent years.

The bus went up in flames on a highway in the central province of Shaanxi on Thursday (Apr 28), police in the provincial capital of Xian said on a verified social media account, adding they considered it “criminal case”.

Chinese police in January captured a man suspected of starting a fire on a public bus in the remote northwestern Ningxia region that killed 17 people, according to state media. Previously there have been several cases of attacks on Chinese public transport, especially buses.

In 2013 a suicidal man started a fire on a vehicle in Xiamen in the eastern province of Fujian that killed 47 people, including himself.

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