Brother, sister jailed 6 years for marrying

Brother, sister jailed 6 years for marrying

Abu Dhabi court sentenced a man and his half-sister to six years in prison after they were found guilty of marrying and forging official documents.

The unnamed man, appealing the verdict, denied having any affair with his sister and told court that they married in an Asian country so he could bring her to the UAE.

Police arrested the couple after their mother reported their marriage and told court later that her son and his sister are living in Abu Dhabi as “husband and wife”.

The semi-official daily ‘Al Ittihad’ said the mother decided to report the couple after her son kicked her out of home.

“It was an act of revenge by the mother and it did work. The son and his sister were sentenced to six years in prison for incest and forging official documents by hiding the truth that the girl is his sister,” the paper said.

During appeals hearings, the man and his sister denied the incest charges, saying they were living as a brother and sister and that they married outside the UAE so the brother can bring his sister to the UAE.

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