Britain’s most tattooed man

Britain’s most tattooed man

Britain’s most tattooed man has done the uninkable – and had a silicone skull IMPLANTED in his chest.

Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite – he was plain old Mathew Whelan before changing his name in 2008 – paid $700 for the cosmetic surgery.

And the walking, talking sketchpad admitted it hurt.

The 34-year-old, who now goes by the nickname Bart, underwent the procedure at city centre “body modification studio” Birmingham Ink. The silicone-filled ball, sporting a raised skull motif, was pushed into his chest. In time, flesh will tighten round the lump, giving the impression of a ghoulish head pushing through his skin.

It is the latest bizarre, extreme procedure undertaken by a man who has splashed out $70,000 to be inked from head to foot.

No spot has been left untouched, earning him another cheeky nickname: the Artful Todger. He has also undergone scarification – a form of facial branding – and had his left eyeball tattooed.