Brazil Dam Disaster: 65 bodies found and many missing

Minas Gerais locals recall another dam collapse involving mining firm Vale as hunt continues for 292 people still missing.

Brazil Dam Disaster: 65 bodies found and many missing

The death toll from a Brazilian dam collapse at an iron mine rose to 65 on Monday, according to officials. Authorities say 427 people were in the Córrego do Feijão mine in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais when the dam burst Friday, unleashing a muddy sea of mining debris into the region.

Hundreds of people are still missing and the extent of damage is still being calculated, especially in the mining town of Brumadinho, which was nearly buried in the deluge.

The disaster renewed scrutiny of Brazilian mining giant Vale, which was linked to another deadly dam collapse in Minas Gerais less than four years ago. On Sunday, protesters gathered in Casa Branca, about 15 kilometers from Brumadinho, waving signs that read “Vale kills” and “Vale profits while mud kills,” local media reported.

Authorities temporarily halted search and rescue on Sunday and placed 3,000 people under evacuation orders amid fears that another dam nearby was about to rupture. The orders were lifted after authorities determined dam VI was no longer at risk of bursting. As of Monday afternoon, 291 people were still missing and 192 people were rescued, the Civil Defense of Minas Gerais said. Additionally, 23 people are hospitalized, the fire department said.