With Beats, Apple becomes bigger streaming music player

With Beats, Apple becomes bigger streaming music player

Beats headphones helped create a new premium category of product, but haven’t always been considered best-in-class. Still, over the years, the headphones have gotten a better rap. Headphones, however, may not be the driver behind Apple’s reported purchase of the company for $3.2 billion. It could be the music service.

When it launched in January, Beats Music demand was so high that the company had to set up a virtual velvet rope to only allow users as space allowed. The service, which costs $10 monthly after an initial seven-day, added 1,000 a day during its first month. While there’s no figures released yet, it’s safe to assume the service has continued steady growth, at least “probably in the 100,000 range,” estimates ABI Research analyst Aapo Markkanen.

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