Bangladesh Attack: 20 killed, 2 Sri Lankans and one Japanese hostage rescued

Bangladesh Attack: 20 killed, 2 Sri Lankans and one Japanese hostage rescued

20 hostages were hacked to death with sharp weapons by Islamist terrorists during a dramatic siege at an upmarket Dhaka restaurant that ended in a bloodbath on Saturday morning.

Nine Italian, seven Japanese, three Bangladeshi and one Indian nationals were among the victims.

  • 20 killed in attack on Dhaka restaurant
  • Most of the dead appear to be foreigners
  • Six hostage takers are killed and one is captured
  • Islamic State claim responsibility
  • Attackers carrying swords and crude bombs, says manager

At a press conference held after midday local time at the Bangladesh army headquarters, Brig-Gen Nayeen Ashtaq Chowdhury confirmed that 20 people were found killed using locally made sharp weapons, after police and military broke the siege with Operation Thunderbolt, which lasted from 7.40am to 8.30am.

Two Sri Lankans and one Japanese hostage were rescued, along with around a dozen Bangladeshis.

Here is the breakdown of the victims’ nationalities, according to the Daily Star:

  • 9 Italians
  • 7 Japanese
  • 3 Bangladeshis
  • 1 Indian

Two separate sources – a rescue worker and a paramilitary officer – told the Telegraph the victims had severe wounds to their necks and throats.

Six of the attackers were shot dead during the raid on the Holey Artisan Bakery, an expatriates’ favourite.

Two or three gunmen are believed to have been arrested. Police found pistols, rifles, bombs and knives at the scene. The siege in Gulshan, Bangladesh’s most affluent district, started more than twelve hours earlier, when eight or nine gunmen stormed the restaurant and opened fire, killing two policemen.

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