Baby Survives Being Trapped Under Dead Father For 3 Days

Baby Survives Being Trapped Under Dead Father For 3 Days

USA: A 10-month-old girl is recovering at a Louisiana hospital after she spent up to three days trapped under her father’s body after he dropped dead. Sabine Parish Deputy Coroner Ron Rivers told The Times that Betty Jean Fields was dehydrated and had blistering skin when she was found Friday night by authorities in Shreveport. Rivers told KSLA that the child was trapped for as many as three days.

“The baby was dehydrated,” Rivers said according to Reuters. “It was able to breath, expand its chest up and down … We’re very blessed that the baby didn’t succumb.” Rivers said the child’s father, 43-year-old Jason Fields, appeared to be sitting on the side of his bed and fell backward and died. Rivers says the fact that he made no attempt to get up means he died instantly when he fell on top of her.

KSLA reported there were only box fans in the home and Rivers called the residence particularly hot. Deputies were called to the home Friday after the girl’s 5-year-old brother went next door to tell neighbors he thought his father was dead. Fields had a history of cardiac problems, and no foul play was suspected. No autopsy will be performed because of the condition of the body. According to KSLA, Fields was living alone with the children when he died. The children’s mother was serving time in jail, but was released after an emergency appeal.

Source : Reuter

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