Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoes sudden heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoes sudden heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzanegger has undergone a sudden heart surgery to replace a pulmonic valve twenty years after he had first replaced it. The operation that was conducted at a Los Angeles hospital was succesful and his condition is said to be stable.

A spokesperson of Schwarzanegger has shared that the world’s most famous action hero before the operation uttered his famous ‘Terminator’ line “I Will be back”. As promised the first words that came out of his mouth after waking up from the surgery was ” I am back”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger who enjoyed a successful stint in politics as Governor of California has now become a fierce critic of President Donald Trump. On the movie front he will soon be seen with Jackie Chan in “Viy 2 : Journey to China’ and will also start shooting this year for ‘Terminator 6’ and ‘Expendables 4’

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