Apple’s iPhone 6s from September 9th


Apple’s iPhone 6s from September 9th

If the rumours are to be believed, the next Apple iPhone will get its grand unveiling on September 9th. An anonymous source has told Buzzfeed that the all-new phones will be launched in early September alongside an updated Apple TV.

There’s already been plenty of speculation about the next-gen iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, with rumours suggesting the devices will feature new cameras, processor and a Force Touch display – similar to the Apple Watch. An upgraded TouchID fingerprint scanner could be included, which will make spending money using Apple Pay even more secure.

And to keep up with competition from Samsung and LG, some experts are suggesting that Apple may ditch its Retina Display in favour of a new higher resolution screen. The iPhone 6 has become Apple’s best selling smartphone and this latest raft of changes could help boost sales even further.

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