Apple iPhone 5s is ‘best-selling’ smarphone, leaving Galaxy S5 behind: Report

Apple iPhone 5s is ‘best-selling’ smarphone, leaving Galaxy S5 behind: Report

A new report revealed that Apple iPhone 5s is the best selling phone in the world, selling 7 million units in May. Market researcher Counterpart surveyed 35 countries and revealed that Smsung’s Galaxy S5 has failed to bring down Apple’s flagship smartphone.

However, Samsung S5 stood 2nd with selling 5 million units. While the Galaxy S5 appeared to be going strong in its debut month, sales have since slowed. The sluggish smartphone market led the company to predict last week a 24 percent decline in operating profit for the second quarter, which would be its third straight quarterly drop, CNET reported.

As Apple’s iPhone 5S still sees strong sales, its iPhone 5C has seen a drop off. Counterpart noted that ‘phablets’ dominated the ‘top 10’ list of smartphone s, with a 40 percent share.

It also said that if Apple releases a phablet, it would become an instant hit in the market, the report said. (ANI)

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