Apple developing wireless charging

Believed system could be put into 2017 iPhones.

Apple developing wireless charging

Apple is developing a radical wireless charging system for the iPhone, it has been claimed. The system would not require users to place the handset on a ‘mat’, but instead would be able to work over longer distances.
According to Bloomberg, the system could be implemented in 2017.

Apple has previously made a patent application for a system to use an iMac personal computer as a hub for wirelessly recharging at a distance of about 1 meter using a technique called near-field magnetic resonance. Apple currently uses a similar technique, called induction, to charge its Watch. The wireless charging is just one of several radical new technologies Apple is expected to introduce.

Apple is also believed to be developing a more expensive pair of noise-canceling, Lightning-connected, earphones or headphones, possibly under its Beats brand, the site claims. Apple is expected to include an adapter with the handset to use older regular 3.5mm headphones.